A hill town in the southern part of India,Kodaikanal is set in an area of cliffs, forests, lakes, and waterfalls which is about 2000 meters above the sea level. The town is surrounded by evergreen forests on all sides and many boats, cycles or any other medium of transport can be hired to go around the paths of Kodaikanal.


Many breathtaking places haven’t been explored a lot in Kodaikanal which are-

1. Bryant Park– The Bryant park and the lake which is situated exactly at the center of the city and is a spread of nature and green along with a lake beside it. The available pedal boats can be used to travel through the lake and spend time in the lake or the bridge which is built upon it.

2.Coaker’s walk- The Coaker’s walk is a semi-circular edge and one of the highest peaks in the city. The entire city can be seen from the peak which also has a valley going down. The place is home to many telescopes which helps in seeing the entire Nilgiri Range.

3. Guna Caves– Popularly known as ‘bat caves’, the Guna caves are located right by the Pine forest. The entrance of the caves is guarded by massive stones that are in the shape of pillars. The view from the rocks of the place is amazing and is also associated with certain ghost stories that the local people talk about.

4. Mannavanur– Mannavanur is situated at a distance of approximately 20 minutes from the city, is a village for any person who loves camping. Within 1 km in this village, one can see a lake which is one of the most gorgeous sites to spend a day.

5. Chocolate shops-The city, on the whole, is filled with chocolate shops that are stuck in one’s memory for quite a long time. All the chocolate is made by the local people and has a very diverse variety ranging from walnuts, almonds, raisins, and cashews.

6. Vattakanal– Vattakanal also known as Little Israel is an area with very high security by the local cops because according to them, a lot of drugs were used in the area but the place has a breathtaking view accompanied by an amazing waterfall and one of the coolest shacks in the hills by the name of Altaf.

7. Berijam lake– Berijam lake is a very secluded lake and is one of the most off-beat places in Kodaikanal. It is located inside a forest and the entry is restricted by the officials.  


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