Best Options with the Catamaran Charter in Malta

It is best to plan a catamaran charter in Malta for the sailing season. You can book a yacht and rent a crew (a skipper) or choose the bareboat yacht charter service in Malta without a skipper, charter the boat and manage it yourself. In the catalog of charter yachts you will find offers in Malta from both for lovers of a relaxing holiday and for sailors who cannot imagine their life without a sail.

If you rent a yacht, with a catamaran charter you will see Malta from a completely new perspective and not only explore the coastal surroundings, but also other nearby islands. Check out our huge selection of boats and hurry up to rent a Catamaran Day Charter in Malta for your perfect vacation.

When will I receive the catamaran and when do I have to bring it back?

By default, a boat charter starts and ends on Saturday. We advise you to rent a boat on Saturday afternoon and bring it back early in the morning in a week. It should be emphasized that most yacht charter companies strongly recommend returning the yacht on Friday evening.

How do I choose the yacht charter in Malta?

  • Set the goal of renting your yacht. You boat rent the catamaran, for example for a regatta or to drink from an ice glass.
  • Select a marina and manufacturer preference to start with. The boats differ in terms of technical equipment, layout and leisure options.
  • Determine the size and number of seats. When renting a yacht for bareboat charters (selection), we recommend that you rely on experts. Ask your captain, experienced friends and finally the team for advice.

What is included in the price of a catamaran rental in Malta?

Normally the rental of the catamaran is included in the basic price. In addition, the options are paid such as skipper and hostess service, outboard motor, super rental, electric grill, etc.

Can you rent the catamaran with a skipper in Malta?

Skipper services cost an average of 100-150 dollars per day + meals. Maybe a little more or less depending on which boat you choose to charter. You or your friends are most likely to have your own skipper. If not, we can help. We have a list of reliable partner skippers with experience in sailing on yacht routes in the region of.

How to rent the catamaran in Malta?

Go to site and choose a boat charter that suits your needs: bareboat charter or crew rental, renting a sailboat, renting a catamaran or renting a motor yacht, etc. Send booking note. Our manager will contact you to clarify your additional wishes and to advise you on all yacht charter questions. Finally, you sign the contract of carriage and pay for renting the boat in whole or in part. Payment can be made directly from a bank card or in a way that is convenient for you (SWIFT, Western Union, etc.).

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