Camping Adventure Must Haves

Sharing stories, playing games, cooking meals and putting up your tent together – camping is a fun activity. You get to bond with your family and friends plus you have the chance to enjoy nature. For many people, camping is an escape. A night or two out in the woods under the night sky will make you feel relaxed, refreshed and recharged. 

Yes, camping is all fun and games until you realize you forgot to pack your mosquito repellant in your backpack! Yes, most of the time, a good or bad camping experience boils down to just one factor: what you packed (or didn’t pack) for the trip. I’m sure everyone will agree with me on that. 

Don’t risk ruining a great trip by failing to be prepared ahead of time. Instead, list all the things that you will need when planning to camp and then check them off one at a time as you add them to your backpack or car. Here’s our list of must have items to bring with you when camping. 

  1. Food 

No one goes out camping without food – prepping and packing it up is all part of the fun. In fact, camping is a great opportunity to enjoy way more junk food than you need, and enjoy the feeling of cooking your favorite meals over a campfire. For example, you get to enjoy making bbq with your friends, cobbler in a dutch oven, and who could forget the smores! 

Anyone can last a week without changing clothes but you won’t last that long without food. We recommend planning your meals ahead of time to make sure everything you need makes it to the campsite. 

  1. Clothes 

Extra shirts won’t hurt, right? When it comes to clothes, choose comfortable items. We recommend light-weight fabrics that can be layered to account for cooler nights and warmer days. In addition, fabrics that are moisture-wicking are great options as you can reuse the same top and bottoms a few times. 

  1. Tent and/ or Sleeping Bags

Even if you’re planning to sleep out under the beautiful stars, you should always have a tent or other emergency shelter on hand just in case. There are lots of things to consider such as unexpected rain, colder temperatures than you’ve planned for and damp or wet ground.

If you’re not a tent person consider traveling to an area with cabins or head out with a friend who has a camp trailer or RV.

  1. Fire Starter

Camping is not complete without a warm fire to enjoy in the evening. While it’s possible to start a fire with old fashioned methods like flint and steel. Something more automatic like a lighter or matches will make things much easier.  If you decide to bring matches, make sure they’re waterproof (you never know what might happen with weather). It’s not a bad idea to pack two fire starters, just to be sure you’re covered. 

  1. First Aid Kit

While camping isn’t usually a hazardous activity, anytime you venture outdoors it makes sense to bring a first-aid kit. They’re packed with helpful things like bandaids, aspirin, and anti-itch spray. A long day of hiking can result in blisters that require bandaging and then you’ll be glad you came prepared. Even putting up the tent or starting a fire or cooking can sometimes give you small cuts and scrapes and these can quickly become infected if left untreated, so it is better to keep bandages and antiseptic on hand. 

While not a comprehensive list, all of these items are must-have camping essentials. Remember, preparation is often the key to a successful and enjoyable adventure outside. 


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