Group travel

As group travel is taking off again, there are a lot of destinations that are very suited to discover during a group trip. Even though a large part of people during our groepsreizen is single, everybody is welcome during a tour.

Some of the most popular destinations for 2022 will be:

1: Costa Rica

As a tropical, beautiful and year-round destination, Costa Rica has everything to offer for young, adventurous people who want to explore. From jungle to volcanoes, beautiful beaches and plains, Costa Rica has something to offer for everyone.

2: Beautiful Bali

As Bali has been closed for a very long time due to covid, slowly but steadily Indonesia has decided to reopen borders in a gently pace. International visitors will be back soon in greater numbers, as Bali is one of the dream destinations that appeal to a lot of people, both younger and older. During our group tours, we discover Bali in different ways. Join a group of young people, fly to Bali together and experience a once-in-a-lifetime holiday with soon to be friends.

3. United States

Of course, borders from and to the USA have been closed for a long time as well, drawing up more and more demand of people who were forced to postpone their once in a lifetime journey to the US. With several unique programs and tours throughout the USA and Canada, exploring California, the National Parks of the West of Canada, are drawing large numbers of interested visitors.

But, there are many destinations that are awaiting the return of visitors that are as beautiful as the destinations mentioned above. Within Europe, countries like Greece and Croatia are gaining more and more popularity, especially amidst young travelers who are looking to explore. Affordability, sun and great products make these destinations very appealing for everybody who is out to enjoy themselves.

Group travel

By joining a group, you will be with many people who have all chosen for the same tour. Choosing the same tour typically means you will have some interest in common. During group trips, often very intense friendships develop, with people speaking to eachother for years after the trip. By sharing the same memories, a bond can be created that can last for a lifetime.

Any group trip can be a life-changing event. By sharing experiences, you will not only get to know the country you are traveling in, but also the people you travel with. As all tours are led by experienced tourleaders, you will feel safe wherever you go. Travels may take you to any place in Europe, Asia, North America or South Americe, depending on where you want to go. All adventures are there as a group experience, where you will fly in and out together and experience everything as a team.


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