TOP 5 museums in Malta

TOP 5 museums in Malta

Malta is rich in cultural heritage. The history of Malta spans back 7000 years. This little island has witnessed some of the most important historical events of the world, ranging from the Neolithic era to the Second World War period. With so much culture, tradition, and history packed into one small location, it is not surprising that Malta has many museums. Here are the top five museums of Malta.

National War Museum

National War Museum relates to all the wars that have been fought by Malta throughout history. This museum shows the items in chronological order from the prehistoric times as well as the early Bronze Age phases right to the colonization of Malta and the great siege that occurred in 1565. The National War Museum has two rooms that are only dedicated to Malta’s role in first and Second World Wars. Amongst the multiple exhibits present in this museum, one of the most famous ones is the original Georgian cross medal that was awarded to Maltese people as a recognition of their courage in World War Two and is also present on the national flag of Malta.

National Museum of archaeology

The National Museum of archaeology is present in the home of Knights of the order of St. John. This beautiful museum is responsible for displaying the local prehistoric artifacts which date back to 5000 BC as well as the Neolithic period. The items in the display include the artistic human and animal figurines, the early tools used by prehistoric people, Bronze Age daggers, as well as some of the famous human figurines like Venus of Malta, Sleeping lady etc.

Malta classic car museum

If you are someone who loves cars, this is a must-visit museum for you. Some of the exhibits here include vintage motorbikes and automobiles, including the 1956 Ford Thunderbird, the 1950 Chevrolet Corvette, and 1957 Austin Healey. The car museum also has an in-house cinema that shows the highlights from the world of automobiles as well as a variety of vintage artifacts.

The Maritime Museum of Malta

There is no doubt that Malta has a long maritime history. This history is displayed in this beautiful museum that is housed in the Birgu’s waterfront naval bakery. It has plenty of exhibits showing different models of engines, boats, Frech sabres, Roman anchors, etc. The museum boasts of being the home to many sea-related items from the different time periods throughout the colorful history of Malta.

Malta aviation museum

This museum focuses on the primary role that the aircraft and the air support played during the Second World War protecting Malta from near-constant attacks. This museum is not just for the fans of aviation. It is also for those people who are fascinated by the wartime history of Malta. This museum is described as a living museum that has three hangars acting as home to a variety of aircraft. This museum also has a Supermarine Spitfire MKIV EN199 as well as a WW2 Hawker hurricane. For more information, check out,


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