Making 3YØI a reality

We’re excited to share some of the plans that we have for the next 3YØI DXpedition to Bouvet Island! This information may be useful for all our followers as well as ham radio enthusiasts out there.

Our project was 100% transparent from the very start and we’re now looking to delve a bit deeper into the rules of the game to get a bit more funding for our upcoming radio expeditions. In order to reach our goals as soon as possible, we’re looking for funding on – a fundraising platform that will allow us to fulfill the ambitious goals a whole lot faster. In order to make things as transparent as possible, all funds that we will get from any followers will be publicly displayed which will make the process as straightforward as possible. It all implies that you will not have to be dealing with anything that may resemble unfair practices or shady plans will little to no agenda. Everything will be crystal clear right from the start and you will know exactly what has happened to every single penny. 

The absolute minimum sum that we’re asking for is 85 thousand dollars. However, if this exact sum will not be accumulated in full, every single penny will be returned to everyone who donated via the platform. That way, we won’t have to explain what went wrong and what we are planning to do with the money next. 

And we’d also like to make things a bit more interesting for the donors. Once we accumulate the minimum needed sum, we’ll provide the donors with a chance to win something unique:

  • Everyone who donated $200 or more, will be eligible for participating in a lottery where three lucky people along with one companion for each will get to win a 10-days sailing trip. The trip will take place around Fiji islands on the Rebel catamaran with the entire crew.  
  • Everyone who donated $500 or more, will get to enter the lottery where three lucky people will get a trip with Rebels to distant places that can be found around the Pacific. 
  • Finally, everyone who donated at least $25 will get a free QSL card from 3YØI.

Get to and learn more about the project and its evolution in order to make the right call at the earliest opportunity – don’t miss your chance to do some good! 


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