Buying guide for sup accessories

Paddleboard accessories play an important role in making your experience smoother. At Honu,you get a wise selection of sup accessories at affordable rates.

SUP Carts

A super wheeled cart helps make your experience smoother if you struggle to carry the weight of your sup board to and from the water. While buying a sup cart, you should consider where the cart goes on the board since some sup carts are constructed to hold the paddleboard in the centre while some hold at the tail. If you but end carry carts, it will support the sup at the deck, whereas a centre carry cart will support your board.

Sup leash

 A sup leash is an important accessory that prevents you from moving away from your board due to waves and wind and doesn’t let you fall. Straight leashes and coiled leashes are the two types of leashes available. If you are buying a sup leash for yourself, it has the right length of the sup. You can buy a leash that is one foot longer than the length of your board. Always use a sup-specific leash so that it can take the extra weight off your sup. You can attach your leash to your ankle or calf wherever you are more comfortable. If you go for river paddling, buy a leash with the breakaway feature. 

SUP Deck Bags

Paddlers generally avoid using backpacks which are difficult to wear while paddling, so the best substitute is a sup deck bag. You can include essential items in the deck bag and can be attached to the preplaced attachment points on the paddleboard.

Consider three things while buying a deck bag for yourself-

  1. Attachment- see if your board has attachment points and if the bag attaching to your board
  2. Volume- ensure that your bag has adequate space for carrying all the items you want
  3. Insulation- decks bags that consist of insulation helps you to give a feeling of the soft cooler for the sup

SUP Storage Bags

If you want to protect your sup board during transportation or storage, the sup storage bag is an important paddle accessory. While buying these bags, always consider buying a bag in silver or white colour as it keeps your sup cooler by reflecting the sun. Always go for a weatherproof bag that can be moisture resistant. Choose a bag that includes a shoulder strap or handle that helps you carry your board easily. Also, ensure that the bag is of the right size to fit your board. Honu paddleboardscome with the right size and colour of sup storage bags

If you want sup accessories online for yourself, click this link:


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