Bangalore Breweries for a Refreshing Sunday Evening

Bangalore’s love for brewing may be seen in the city’s growing number of microbreweries in recent years. Bangalore’s breweries have earned a reputation for producing some of the best stouts, ales, and lagers we will ever taste.  

Relaxation is in order this weekend. We all know that life in Bangalore necessitates putting all our energy into our work and initiatives. But after a while, we want to go out and about with our pals and drink some excellent beer.  

However, if you have lost interest in regular beer and want something fresh and exciting, cocktail beers have been around for a long time but are only gaining popularity. These wicked and delicious cocktails may combine the finest of both worlds and present them and their pals with the best-made drinks.  

So, gather your friends and have a good time this weekend in Bengaluru. The LaLiT, The Oberoi Bengaluru, ITC Gardenia, and The Leela Palace are among the best luxury five-star resorts and restaurants in Bangalore, with luxury wedding venues. The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore’s 184 tastefully appointed suites and rooms have been artistically designed and exquisitely furnished.  

The excellent beer and the beautiful delicacies to be served are something to anticipate. This article is for them if we want to spend our upcoming weekend with friends at the top breweries in town. 

  1. Toit, Indiranagar, for a refreshing beer

This prominent Indiranagar microbrewery is well-known throughout India for its selection of pleasant craft beers, such as the New England IPA, which has a bursting tropical flavor and a mouthful of fruitiness.  

  1. Brooks and Bonds Brewery, Koramangala, Mango Beer

Brooks and Bonds Brewery is at the top of Bangalore’s list of fantastic breweries.  

  1. Arbor Brewing Company’s Spectacular Beer, Brigade Road Folks at MG Road

If you are searching for a cozy, small microbrewery to unwind after a long week, Arbor Brewing Company is the place. We are greeted by warm yellow lighting and hardwood chairs when we walk in. Try their honey-lavender flavored Smooth Criminal drink and their Indian Pale ale Beach Shack, which offer unique characteristics.

  1. Prost Brew Pub in Koramangala has fantastic beer.

At this European-styled bar in Koramangala, we may watch live sporting events while sipping a mug of homemade beer. While chilling with our pals at Prost Brew Pub, sip their signature brews like Lager, Fruit Cider, and Stout.  

  1. Hennur’s Byg Brewski Brewing Company serves terrific beer.  

Visiting Byg Brewski Brewing Company, Asia’s largest microbrewery, is a must if we are from Bangalore. The charming ambiance of a gorgeous lake with ducks, alfresco dining, and lush foliage will provide plenty of Instagram-able moments.  

  1. Brewsky 

Brewsky is one of the city’s largest brewers, with an atmosphere unlike any other. This bar is a must-visit for any beer enthusiast, with numerous levels of seating and the option of enjoying a pint on the rooftop. Brewsky has our standard Hefeweizen, IPA, and stout varieties to get to the point. 

In conclusion, we have put up a list of our favorite breweries in Bangalore for us beer lovers. So, gather our friends, head to these spots in Bangalore, and teach them how to gulp down those chilled artisan brews. If you are a beer lover looking for a luxury wedding venue in Bangalore, The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore is the place for you.


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