6 Tips You Need To Pay Attention  Before You Do Spa

Spa is now not only a modern woman’s lifestyle, but has become a necessity. Many types of spas can be enjoyed, from body massages, body scrubs, milk baths, facials, waxing to nail treatments.

Spa treatments are increasingly diverse, ranging from exclusive to standard ones at affordable prices. Well, for those of you who have never tried a spa, and want to do the treatment, it’s a good idea to listen to the following tips:

1. Looking for the Best Spa Place Recommendations

Before visiting a spa place, look for spa recommendations first. You can ask a friend or look it up on the internet. Choose according to your needs. For example, where is the exclusive spa in what hotel, cheap spa or special nail spa.

2. Contact the Spa

Once you know about a treatment at a spa, contact the spa and ask about the details of the treatments offered. Don’t forget to make an appointment and explain your request, such as if you want a female therapist or choose a room with a bathroom. One of our recommendation is Day Spa in Bournemouth, you can very relax your day there.

3. Bring Toiletries

Usually the spa has prepared soap and shampoo. But there’s nothing wrong with bringing it yourself, especially if you have matched with one brand of toiletries. Don’t forget to also bring deodorant, comb, facial soap and body lotion because these equipment are usually not provided at the spa.

4. Don’t Use Excessive Jewelry

If your jewelry is valuable, it is best not to use it, as necklaces, bracelets or rings must be removed during treatment. For security reasons, you should not wear luxury jewelry.

5. Eat Before Spa

You will probably spend at least an hour and a half at the spa. So before doing the treatment at least you have eaten snacks so that the stomach is not empty.

6. Come 15 Minutes Before Treatment

Arrive 15 minutes before your treatment appointment. You can change clothes, go to the toilet and sit back and relax for a while before starting to refresh your body.

Those are simple but important tips to do before you do spa activities. 


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