Tracing Old Scottish School Records

Trying to find old-fashioned records from Scotland

I’m searching for old-fashioned records (1840s-1860s) to discover what school my ancestors attended. I am aware it was not compulsory for moms and dads to provide their kids to college until 1872 but surely there should be records somewhere in Scotland which references for that pupils.

My great grand parents are Robert Stewart who had previously been born at Old Kilpatrick in Dumbartonshire in 1842 and Margaret Cochran(e) who had previously been born at Helensburgh in 1834. Robert’s parents were William Stewart and Ann Livingston(e). William is a cooper by trade and trained the trade to Robert.

And this is what I recognize about researching school records

School Records

Finding which school your ancestors attended will require some investigation. This might try taking a little map studying to uncover what school was nearest where your ancestors resided.

Exercising Act of 1872 needed all children to go to school and it is sometimes complicated to uncover school records before date. Nevertheless, you will most likely find log books, admission registers, or photographs available somewhere. Furthermore, you will find teacher’s diaries which can be useful, no under provide interesting studying.

Glasgow stored excellent records since they were progressive school boards.

Scotland Street Museum features a great variety of knowledge on numerous schools.

A register of senior appointments and staff can be found, and price a look.

The teacher training college at Jordonhill has records which can be worth searching at in situation your ancestor is a teacher.

Assistive hearing device technology a college master within the records may be comparatively simpler than selecting what they are called within the children. Parish school masters were nominated using the landowners along with the minister within the parish. It had been then for the presbytery to actually result in the concluding decision to make sure the nominated person was qualified for the task. The Heritors Records will likely offer the record within the appointment. This info are available in the HR repertory,

Finding records of school pupils is tough, however, some might be noted in school log books plus they need to not be any under 13 years of age. Similarly info may be held using the Scottish Record Office. Many records disappeared or were destroyed after schools closed. Some surviving registers remain stored using the schools themselves even though some are held by authority archives. You can even examine the Scottish Archive Network catalogue for your ancestor’s school.


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