Ways you can improve your skiing skills without being on the ski slopes

Prepare for your upcoming trip

We all love skiing, but skiing trips can however take a fair bit of preparation – this is especially true for beginners.

Luckily, preparation for skiing holidays val thorens is fun and enjoyable, so you are in for a treat. It’s easy to not take the time to complete the necessary steps to make that first ski trip the best as it can be – leading to a lesser experience when the time comes. This means that the ski trip might not capture your heart and mind as it would to someone who has prepared properly and had an amazing time.

Research skiing

A great way to improve your skiing skills is to make sure that you are researching skiing. This will give you extra knowledge that you can use both on and off the slopes. Thankfully, we live in the internet age and so there is a plethora of information out there waiting to teach you all about the basics and the nuances of skiing. Whether it’s articles like the one you are reading now, podcasts, videos on youtube, documentaries and travel guides, all the information you can get into your brain about skiing is going to be extremely helpful in the long run. You’re going to have a better time skiing in val thorens then on snowdon.

Skiing workouts

Just because you can’t always be training on the slopes doesn’t mean you can’t train at all! Read on to find training techniques to improve your skiing capabilities.

Lower body training

Working on your glutes and quads will allow you to maintain stamina and hold your position steadily and reliably. This helps you to make runs more efficiently, as well as enjoyable.

For more advanced skiers, it will help to develop your ‘explosiveness’, this means you will be able to ski faster, push harder on your turns and more. Hamstring strength will also help you to stabilise your knee joints, which lends itself to reducing the risk of ACL injuries This happens when you are out of position or tired.

Upper Body Exercise

This is essential for maintaining your control, balance and power. You should think of this as your steering system. This area will help you to master turns, weave between trees and avoid other skiers. It will also help you to come down the slopes in much better form.

Yoga / stretching for skiers

While skiing is fast and exhilarating, yoga is calm and meditative. These paradoxically complement each other so well. Yoga helps with injury prevention, thanks to the fact that it is so good for flexibility, and increasing your concentration skills. We work our bodies hard when we ski, give back to it via yoga.


If you can’t get to the slopes, you really should be investing time into improving your cardiovascular health as this is directly transferable to almost any sport. It’s also going to help strengthen your quads which will help with durability and balance.

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