The Ultimate Guide To A Family-Friendly Holiday In The East Of The Netherlands

The East of the Netherlands is a beautiful area, with its own distinct culture and traditions. Luckily, it’s also a great place to visit during the holiday season! In this guide, you’ll learn how to have a great family-friendly holiday in the East of the Netherlands and more specifically in Amsterdam.

You’ll find everything from street markets to arthouse cinema, from sightseeing to traditional Dutch food, and from hotspots to best places to visit. This is perfect for you if you are looking for laid-back moments from a busy life.

To know more about how to explore the East of Netherlands, Visit Oost can provide much more information regarding the best places to visit and things to do while there. If you are opting for peace or dynamics, you will find all the helpful guides. You can find places nearby, different campsites, historic sites as well as different routes to go on.

Visit historic estates and museums

•      The only land estate in Amsterdam which survived in the 17th century takes you back to an era of the golden age.

•      You can walk around the extensive gardens of Huize Frankendael, full of groomed shrubs, statues.

•      Tropenmuseum is a famous museum which houses many world cultures and stories.

Oosterpark and festivals

There are plenty of events and several festivals in OosterPark. Songs, dance, acrobatics, and children’s activities are a host of the Amsterdam Roots Festival. You can enjoy amazing cuisine and shopping stalls all over the place.


The Dappermarkt on Dapperstraat is an excellent spot to collect anything from fresh fruit to lovely textiles. Pure Markt is another market with various food stalls and fashion. You can find local produce as well as exotic ones in these markets.

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Artis is more than simply one of Europe’s oldest zoos. It also houses a planetarium, aquarium, and microbe gallery. You can find many things that make a part of the planet which are educational and fun.


The East Netherlands has a unique range of eateries. Ruk & Pluk (Linnaeusstraat) is folkloric, vibrant and traditional at the same time. It is popular among the locals. Studio/K is a multimodal, multi-purpose establishment that serves as an arthouse theatre, a concert hall, a musical venue, a gallery, and a pub.

Many more eateries and cafes such as Benji’s, Louie Louie, and Frank’s Smokehouse are quite popular. 

Apart from embracing the culture and the views, the hip neighborhood offers various bars, rooftop sights, and energetic street markets. World Cinema Amsterdam Festival is something you can’t miss out on if you are present there.


When you want to be away for the weekend or a holiday, Netherlands can offer you so many things to explore in cities and the countryside. You can always plan a trip for yourself, or with your friends and family. For every occasion, the Netherlands will always have something in store for you. 


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