Various Places You Can Visit During Your Holiday In Twente

We all need holidays to improve our productivity where you can travel to different places and get quality time to spend with your family. Aside from these things, visiting new places with new cultures, meeting new people and eating delicious food also provides you with good health. So, let’s have a look at the east Netherlands for the holidays.

To have an amazing holiday and get the best and cheerful experience and memories you can visit Twente which is enriched with its beauty and rich heritage. It has been designated as the national landscape. You will also get the best hostel and service that you need. You can find your inner peace in its beautiful environment.

Places you can enjoy in Twente

Twente is a beautiful place with breathtaking scenes and characteristics which create its own identity. It possesses a unique combination of both cultural and historic elements and a dazzling landscape. So, let’s have a look at places you can enjoy while being in Twente:

  • Singraven: it is a country estatelocated in the noordoost Twente area. It has beautiful idyllic ground with the river Dinkel passing through it and including many historic buildings.
  •  Springdale: it is a beautiful land of diverse agricultural landscape gloating numerous kinds of heathland, springs, pond, and woodland which can easily steal your attention towards it. It is a perfect place for walking and cycling where you can lose yourself in its heart-warming views.
  •  Lutterzand:  it is a nature reserve with a varied landscape. It is a very good place for walking where you can walk along the Dinkel river and enjoy the beautiful riverbank with the lovely combination of trees, moss and mushroom.
  • Dal van mosbeek (mosbeek valley):  valley mosbeek is an accommodation in Overijssel situated in Mandar close to camping Dal van de mosbeek. It consists of the beautiful characteristic of unique and rich vegetation where you can enjoy its beautiful views.

Things you can do in your holidays in Twente

There are various activities you can do in Twente to have a great and memorable holiday as it is such a place where you are never going to get bored. So, let’s discuss the things you can do while staying in Twente for your holidays.

·         Due to its beautiful heritage and landscape, the best thing you can do is cycling, especially through the cycling route sallandse. Through which you can also get to enjoy the historical farms, quaint villages, beautiful evergreen roads. You can also try the route of Ootmarsum and Denekamp.

·         You can go on long driver and road trips. During this culinary trip, you can enjoy the woodlands, meadows and daffodils, and many other types of scenery.

·         You can also go for a walk especially near the Ootmarsum along which you can also get the chance to visit the shops and the cobbled streets.


Twente is an amazing and beautiful place to spend your holiday where you can enjoy its rich heritage and also you will get all the facilities of the hotels and rooms. So, you should visit Twente once.


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