3 Surprising & Stimulating Activities You Can Do On Water

Whether you happen to live by the coast or have found a new kinship with the seas and lakes, you may find yourself wanting to spend more time in your chosen element. It’s understandable as a number of people find that the water, whether crashing waves or placid rivers, has both an exciting and restorative potential, one that can even improve our physical and mental well-being.

If you identify with this description and are looking for ways in which you can not only spend more time on the water but also to make the most of its amazing influence, then we’ve got just the thing for you, because there are three surprisingly and stimulating activities that you can do on the water, each of which has the potential to become your new hobby.


If you thought that your morning meditation and occasional salute to the sun couldn’t get any more fulfilling, then you were wrong. There is a growing community of yoga enthusiasts who find the most amazing place to relax is out on the water. 

This could be in the middle of a crystal clear lake or away from the sandy shore with only the sound of waves to distract your focus. Practising yoga on the water involves merging one’s stretches and positions with the exciting act of paddleboarding. The boards used for this activity are incredibly well-balanced, enabling riders to safely enter their various positions without fear of falling in – after a little practice!

Once you have found your favourite spot, one that allows for you to immerse in nature, you will likely not want to go back to the land, recognising that the water’s movement has an amazing effect on our concentration, simultaneously reducing stress.

Jet Surfing 

For some, the idea of taking to the water isn’t about restoration, but about finding an invigorating thrill. This is why many watersports are focused on versatility and speed. One relatively new example merges the already thrilling activity of surfing with an adrenaline-filled additionjet propulsion. 

Because surfing isn’t fast enough for some, jet surfing has become a new, exciting adventure, one that is more affordable and easier to begin than jet skiing. These boards can easily be carried onto the water and manoeuvred with little issue, allowing riders to propel themselves across the waves with amazing speeds.

Aquatic Jetpack

Technology, however, does not stop there. In fact, watersport enthusiasts have been pushing the boundaries even further, creating one of the most thrilling activities that can only be experienced on the water, known as the aquatic jetpack.

Using extreme water pressure, usually assisted by a nearby jet ski, individuals are able to strap themselves into a jetpack that allows them to take to the sky. The technology involved in this device is already extremely advanced and consumer-ready, meaning that people all over the world are able to step onto the water and blast off with amazing precision, giving them the experience of a lifetime. So, if you’re looking for the most stimulating activity you can do on the water, it might just be flying!


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