The Tourist Attraction in Rome – Colosseum Facts

Among all the experiences available in Rome, Colosseum Tours is the best.

Rome is known for a country of peace. But a peaceful country can have a history like the Colosseum. It’s not easy for an ancient place to stand for thousands of years to represent history. 

Usually, tourists are attracted to honorable historical places. But this one is more popular for its grievous act. The Emperor of 80 AD made this theater for their entertainment with horrific games.

Colosseum facts and its reality can both attract people. For better knowledge, this content is for you –

Rome & Colosseum Facts

The Colosseum is an ancient theater in Rome. With its surprising history, this one has become one of the center attraction places for travel lovers. Almost 2000 years (1951 years) old this place shows us the primitive Rome and its provision.

If we take a look at the initial status of Rome, then the Colosseum is the perfect example of this. In today’s Rome is different from before. The last name of this stadium is Flavian amphitheater. It’s an enormous playhouse in old times. This fact doesn’t change in today’s time also.

Everyone nowadays wants to take the gladiator gate and arena floor special access colosseum tour, which will take you back to ancient times.

Surprising facts

The Colosseum is a playhouse, but the surprising fact is its past inhumane history. It’s not the only surprising thing about this. The structure and architectural system of it are mind-blowing. This arena is the most prominent theatre.

Before, the Romans didn’t call it Colosseum; they called it the Flavian amphitheater. From a thousand years before they started to call it. The real reason for calling it colossal is for a statue next to it. Colossal is the statue of the sun god that the emperor Hadrian moved by its side. It’s 100 meters high. But today, there is no colossal statue.

In Guinness world records, this one is for the giant amphitheater. This one takes ten years to construct. Emperor Vespasian started to make it, and his successor Titus finished it in 80 AD. After 81 AD in the Domitian region, he again modified it.

In the 2000 years, Colosseum faced many destructions like earthquakes, fires, and others. Nonetheless, it stands and represents ancient imperial Rome. After various kinds of disasters, this place stands and shows us the old Rome.

With the help of Rome Tour Tickets, you can now enjoy a tour of Old Rome. Many subterranean tours of the Colosseum are available.


In the ancient era, Emperor Vespasian and his successor made such a great playhouse. Its structure and architect can amaze you. This created a place in Guinness world records and the seven wonders of the world.

With its vast structure 179 m long and 156 m wide, the land design is elliptical. The outer wall is 48 m long, and the ambit is 545 m. It stands at 24000 square meters. More than 50000 spectators can attend this amphitheater.

In this arena, we can see the great Roman architecture. The building is made in the lower three stories of the arches, for which the Romans are famous, and there’s no more excellent example of that than here at the Colosseum.

At ground level, there are 80 doors; among them, 76 doors are available for spectators. And the other four doors are for competitors. The 76 doors have different numbers, but the four doors situated at east, west, south, and north have no numbers. More than 60000 Jewish slaves were needed for constructing this.

By using roman-pioneered concrete, brick, and their trademark round arches, they made this large playhouse. Not only Vespasian and Titus; Colosseum is rebuilt and constructed by different emperors and governments after destruction. 

Opening fair

On the grand opening, they held a fair, and it was going for 100 days. To entertain their spectators, they have arranged animal fighting competitions. On that occasion, more than nine thousand animals lost their lives.

For entering the Colosseum, there was a key to the number of the ticket. Audiences can easily find their places for it. This one looks very simple from the outside, but it’s a complex interior structure of the corridor and stairway from the inside. The cheaper seats were higher and far from the stage.

Honorable persons like emperors, magistrates, and priests sit on the lowest. Behind them, senators place, above them the businessman and on the pretty high up for the plebeians. And on the top is for foreigners, slaves, and women. That place is made of wood which is temporary.

Also, some marble seats were only available for the names of categories of people.

Death games

Such a large playhouse is used for death competitions between animals, people, prisoners, gladiators, etc.

At first, Emperor Titus arranged animal sports, but he was annoyed by that after some time. After then by considering his audience and entertainment, he launched different and new types of sports. All of them are violent and brutal.

In the beginning days of the war, only prisoners could take part in it. Then also, gladiators can attend this competition. Gladiator is a small knife; the participants who have access to this knife are called gladiators.

Gladiators can have special training for this play. But in this training among 18 competitors three people were dead. In competition, their play will continue till death. But the defected one can get his life if the emperor thumbs up.

Reasons of build colosseum

Before we knew that the Colosseum was made a playhouse that could entertain people and the emperor, it was the most popular way to engage others in that ancient era. Without entertaining, this one is for others purposes.

This stage is also used for the punishment of criminals. Sometimes they have to face cruel animals without weapons, and that causes their death.

Tourist attraction

The Colosseum is a place that attracts people. Not now but also 2000 years before many people will go there to see its death games. So its popularity is the same as before. Like the old place, it’s normal to attract travel lovers and tourists.

Not only tourists but also art lovers are fascinated by its excellent craftsmanship. Every year more than five million people will go there to observe ancient Rome. By its fantastic look and structure, no one can say that today’s peace Rome was such a horrible history in the past.

By observing their past and present, tourists will get more and more excited. All of the parts of the Colosseum are interesting and beautiful. It represents old Roman architecture. The entrance for the audience is like a maze. But its excellent construction will amaze you.

Main attraction

The Colosseum mainly attracts people for its look, style and structure. There are four things that can draw one. These are –

Outer wall – at first sight on the Colosseum, you will see the substantial outer wall that is the most impressive one. From time to time, its structure has been destroyed, but its magnificence is still the same. There is the colosseum peripheral wall on the north side, which has numbers for the ticketing system for gladiators games.

Arena floor – arena floor is the stage for blood-thirsty spectators. This place is for only limited selected tour groups. It’s the nearest place to the gaming stage.

Underground – below the colosseum landmark, there is a mysterious place for the animals. It can also be called backstage. IBetweenstage and underground, there were many trap doors used for gladiators and animals for surprising spectators.

Emperor’s seat – the royal emperor seat is one of the central attractions for tourists. If you go there for a tour, don’t forget to view that tremendous ancient seat.

The emperor seat is one of the best seats in the Colosseum. The Emperor has two seats on both sides of the amphitheater to enjoy the game without getting the sun. The emperor’s seat has a crucifix mark so that it can be recognized easily.

Why do you visit the Colosseum?

People from all over the world go there to know more about Romans and also for refreshments. Its look and style will surprise you, and its reality can help you to get more knowledge.

A place that is both historical and wonders in the world can engross you. Reading and knowing about one place is not enough to see the world. There are quite rumors about the Colosseum. When you go there, you can analyze on your own.

Whenever we speak about the room and Colosseum, the first thing is about its horrible history. But that is the past. In today’s world, it’s an example of ancient greater creativity and the accomplishments of humanity. 

There is a proverb that says, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Like, don’t judge a colosseum by its past. By ignoring its history, you can enjoy the tremendous Roman creativity and the beauty of this theater.

The Colosseum is known for its cruelty; now, it has become one of the giant playhouses in the world. A tour of the Colosseum can change your thoughts and refresh your mind. With its incredible views and history, the Colosseum is always ready to amaze you.

This place is open to tourists and every month on the first Sunday they don’t charge any entry fees.


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